Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Popping the Cherry

What do I like to do more than eating, drinking, and traveling? I like to share. You know, sharing means caring. Nothing brings me more joy than retelling the story of a meal, snack or drink in order to conjure one's presence to be part of my memory. Everywhere you go and everything you eat has a tale. A tale that can make or break the hum drum of every day life. I prefer to take each bite with passion, curiosity, and criticism in lieu of just putting morsels in my face in order to survive. My goal is for this blog to tell the tales of the food I choose put in my face. To tell the story that surrounds our necessity of life, and add a spice to the mundane that so easily consumes us.

I just moved to the beautiful city of San Francisco. What a perfect opportunity to explore the fancy martinis and canap├ęs, but probably more likely the cheap beers and free happy hour. I am utterly dedicated to the discovery of all there is in the realm of food and drink that San Francisco has to offer. I know this could take a lifetime, but my stomach streches real nice and my liver might just be made of iron, so I think I got a pretty good chance of making my way through a hearty percentage. I also am lucky enough to travel for business, so I will dedicate myself to find the chic and the bleak of every country I set foot on. But wherever I go, whether it's the on other side of the world or a bbq in the backyard, I will attempt to tell the story that the food would tell if only it could talk. Hope you like. Toodles.

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