Friday, November 27, 2009

Seal Beach-Nick's

Whenever I go to visit my friends in Long Beach, I insist we go to Nick’s for a breakfast burrito. It is hands down the best breakfast burrito I have ever tasted. And I have searched far and wide for something comparable, but this baby hits the home run for me. Nick’s is actually a deli that has south of the border specialties. From what I can remember from chatting with Nick on many a hung over college days, he is from the east coast and wanted to bring the east coast deli style to California. But then, his entire staff was Latino, so he figured why not throw in their local specialties as well. I have never tried a Nick’s sandwich. I have seen them; stacks of pastrami piled high. Pickled cucumbers and eggs. All look amazing. But I cannot pull myself away from the classic breakfast burrito. The “Breakfast Burrito” is with chorizo, eggs, potatoes, and cheese. However, the Celise version is no chorizo, but with avocado and bacon. I swoon at the thought of it. Then, you order it mild, medium, or hot. I do medium with extra sauce on the side. It’s one of those things where you don’t know if it’s the melted cheese, the crispy yet chewy bacon, or the fresh avocado that makes this burrito sensational. For me, the icing on the cake is the hot sauce. It’s not like a salsa and it’s not like a tapito, but somewhere in between. It’s thin and liquidy, but with a slight puree of tomatoes, and of course, chilie seeds. This burrito literally stands up on it’s own. I challenge anyone to find a better breakfast burrito than this. And I would be delighted to be the judge of it.

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