Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bacon Craze

Has anyone else noticed the crazy bacon phenomenon that has happened as of late? It seems like everyone is trying to put bacon in the most random foods imaginable. My friend had a bacontini; a martini with bacon infused vodka. One morning, I had a bacon latte at the Pirate Cat Café that used bacon fat and bacon bits as a floater (yummy and weird). My work friend gave me bacon chocolate for Christmas. I have had a lust for bacon since I tattooed a strip on my left index finger, showing my commitment to this greasy passion that I hold so dear to my heart. So when I heard that there was a place selling bacon doughnuts in the mission, my sacred union urged me to visit this Dynamo Doughnuts.

Dynamo has an open ordering window which is street-front and very convenient for passer-byers to pick up their morning joe and a sweet treat, but it also has a small café area visible from the kitchen perfect for the “for here” guests. We grabbed some of their delectable delights and some coffee and mosied to the back to really over-analyze this salty, sweet treat. The top of doughnut was sprinkled with hearty chunks of bacon and apple. I took a bite and for some reason was expecting the doughnut to be warm. It was not, in fact, seemed like it had been sitting around all morning. Probably because it had. The bacon on top was crispy, yet chewy, and very flavorful. However, the doughnut was seriously lacking in flavor. It was a basic, plain doughnut. I would have liked more glaze or a bit of maple flavor in the dough. I did not taste any of that. Staying true to my love, the bacon bits were delicious, but it could have been paired with an equivalently enhancing doughnut flavor. My friend Heather got the chocolate rose doughnut, which was very tasty, but I still felt that the rose could have had a little more punch to it. Chloe got the candied orange blossom which was sweet and sticky. Dynamo is really going out on a limb with crazy flavor combinations, which I immensely respect, but I would have liked a more bold interpretation of their creativity. The coffee was decent and had free refills. Bonus!!!!

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