Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eureka-Samoa Cookhouse

On Samoa Island, outside Eureka, Ca, there is an old lumberjack feeding home serving family style breakfast called the Samoa Cookhouse. Although the food is not exactly something to write home about, the idea is tantalizing. A place that gives you unlimited of whatever is on the menu that day, served to your table mere moments after seating. On this particular day it was eggs, link sausage, biscuits and gravy, and French toast, and of course, the unlimited coffee and OJ. Considering it was the morning after my only night to really experience Eureka nightlife, I was a bit dehydrated from the events of the evening prior, and probably overdid it on the OJ. and should have asked for some water. I ended up chugging the OJ like there was no tomorrow, filled up too quickly, and didn't leave any extra space for a 3rd biscuit with gravy :( However, the endless of the other things was just about the best little slice of heaven any hangover could ask for. The eggs: below average. The sausage: above average. Everything else, satisfactory and delicious in the moment. Overall, the meal was good enough to recommend the place for a good time, good atmosphere, and, I mean really, how could you say no to unlimited breakfast to the table.

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