Saturday, April 17, 2010

7x7 Magazine Scavenger Hunt

My friend, Jamie, introduced me to my new favorite web site. It’s called This site focuses on good foods only. Rather than judging the restaurant by its décor, staff, service, or crowd, this just concentrates on the dishes. I really like the concept of people giving advice about what to order at restaurants, since for me, reading a menu can take almost as long as eating the meal. 7x7, a San Francisco magazine, has created a guide on this web site of 100 foods that should be eaten in San Francisco in 2010. I love this! It is a great way for me to get out there an try some new foods at places that I would have not discovered otherwise. Also, I can food spot everything, giving me another reason to indulge in my latest passion of food porn.

Foodspotting also allows you to make your own guides. I am currently on the plane to New Orleans, and I have made a guide for my friends and I to be sure that we get the best of the best on our weekend jaunt to the Big Easy. Each item on the list has a reason for it’s place.  I have researched each item talked to anyone who would talk to me about their advice for good eats in NOLA. You can check out the guide here: Maybe your would like to accept the challenge of completing the guide!

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