Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bridal Tea Party

My friend Kristen got married this summer, and she asked me to host her bridal shower. Since I am not exactly the “bridal-shower-throwin’ type”, I knew I had to stay clear from thinking about cutsie invitations, cheesy games, and squealing ladies, and focus on what I know best: food. I decided on a tea party. What’s more ladylike than sipping tea from dainty cups and nibbling on tiny sandwiches? Too bad this party’s conversation ended up like any other party’s, with dirty stories about…. Never mind, this lady shall never tell. Ha!

Let’s get back to the food. My roommate/friend, Chloe the cupcake master, made delightful lemon-lime cupcakes, some with lemon butter cream topped with lemon drops, and some with lime butter cream, as well as lavender cupcakes with lavender frosting. Plus, they were mini cupcakes, so how can you get any cuter than that. My other roommate/friend, Heather the hippie, was on tea detail with an earl grey, green and oolong. She also added a nice touch of putting some small pieces of cucumber with water in the ice trays to make super fancy ice. Another friend brought some scones and I put out a fruit and cheese platter. 

But it wouldn’t be a tea party if you didn’t have those cute little sandwiches! I went to the farmer’s market down the street from our house on Fillmore St. and bought some smoked salmon cured in wet brine; one plain and one with lemon and pepper. I found a great recipe from who else but Martha Stewart for my herb butter smoked salmon sandwiches. I picked up the dark rye from the Bordenave bakery to be sure that it was fresh (and cheap!!). For the extra touch, I cut the sandwiches out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter just to add the extra cutsieness. I also made a the classic cucumber, dill, cream cheese triangles. I kind of made this recipe up as I went along by adding fresh dill with cream cheese and a bit of lemon, and then put it on white Bordenave sliced French bread with some thinly sliced cucumbers, and then cut off the crusts and slice them into triangles. Easy-peesy. So simple, and so delicious. 

The party ended up being a total blast and very beautiful thanks to all my helpers, but no thanks to our ghetto back yard due to the non-landscaping of our super (I know they only say that in New York, but I always wanted to say it…). But a good time was had by all, and especially the bride-to-be!!!

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Gregory said...

I can't wait for my tea party!!!