Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color Themed Potlucks: White

I would like to start of by apologizing to those who actually read this thing because I have been a very bad blogger. World Cup sent my life askew for a few weeks, but I will try to be better.

Even though I haven’t been writing about food, of course, food has still been at the forefront of my stream of consciousness. A couple of months ago, a few of my co-workers and I decided that in these tough economic times, the moral of our colleagues would boost if we came together every couple of weeks for a pot luck. Not only a time to show off our cooking skills, but also add variety to our every day, humdrum, economic lunches. We decided that each week’s theme would be based on a color, just to make things more interesting. Oh yeah, and if you choose, you can also wear the same color as the lunch theme color.

The first week we decided to start with what we considered easy: White. My roommate/co-worker/friend, Chiara, and I decided to do my family’s Christmas tradition of the white lasagna (click for recipe). My dad found the recipe on the Food Network site years ago, and it’ become a family favorite. The lasagna has a four-cheese béchamel sauce. Need I say more? There is also spinach, mushrooms, and a dash of nutmeg melding it all together full of deep, rich flavors.

But the lasagna was only one component to this wonderful meal. French bread with pancetta, tomatoes, and pine nuts rolled in cream cheese. Chicken breast with alfredo sauce and noodles. Biscuits. White mushrooms sautéed with onions. Flan. White cake. Coconut balls. All of these made for a wonderful, diverse meal. Little did I know that this amazing meal was child’s play compared to the rainbow of lunches to follow.

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