Friday, August 13, 2010

Color Themed Potlucks: Green

Green was an amazing theme for our potlucks because there are truly endless options for great green goodies. In fear that we were going to be a bit salad heavy, I decided to make a spinach quiche. Boy was I wrong. A phenomenal thing about these potlucks is that we don’t ever have a sign up sheet. We all just cook what our little hearts desire, and somehow we always end up with a complimentary array of dishes.

Kimberly decided to push the protein in this lunch and served chile verde pork with nopal tortillas. A-MAZE-ING. Tender chunks of pork that went perfectly with the batches of green rice. We did have a few spinach salads, but also had a green bean salad, spinach with garlic, edamame, spinach paneer, and these lovely little potato cakes with a garlicy yogurt sauce. Green is one of the lunches we surely want to do again because there were so many stones left unturned.

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