Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Color Themed Potlucks: Orange

Now that we are getting deeper and deeper into the colors, it is becoming evident that we are going to have to repeat all the colors again. Every time we have a lunch we realize the potential that each color has. For the orange lunch, Chiara and I totally flaked because it was her birthday the night before, so we didn’t have any time to cook. We just bought some orange chicken from Trader Joe’s, which was actually very tasty. 

The mac and cheese with bacon was very orange and incredible. We also had some stuffed orange peppers, orange rice, and orange chicken curry, bagels with salmon, sweet potato fries, and of course some fun bonus items of cheetos, carrots, orange soda, and savory muffins with chopped ham. I know some of these things aren’t exactly orange, but we are not strict about the color policy. The idea is to bring food to share, and I will never turn that down!


katie jo said...

Celise! Your blog is AWESOME! xoxox

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