Saturday, September 18, 2010

Viking Soul Food

Among many things, one of my main draws to visiting Portland was the food, and especially the food truck scene. Empty parking lots are being taken over daily by mobile food vendors offering cuisine from all over the world. This ain’t your regular hot dog stand or taco truck, this is gourmet on the go. These circuits of trucks are called “pods”, and these pods are popping up in every corner of the city.

My first day out and about, I’m walking toward the train, and lo and behold, there is a pod with about 7 trucks ranging from BBQ, Mexican, haute hot dogs, and ice cream. I mill about these trucks trying to find the most bang for my buck. I’m actually on my way to another eating establishment, so I don’t want to blow my load quite so early. I made my way to the back corner of the lot to find Viking Soul Food. The sign on the Streamline RV says “Grand Opening”, and I realize, this place has only been open for a week! Plus, what the heck is Viking Soul Food? As I read the menu, I realize that they are making Norwegian comfort food, something I’ve never had, so I must try.

The menu holds a variety of lefses. I had to ask what it was, and she told me that it is Norwegian flat bread made from potatoes. Out of the 6 sweet and savory options of wraps, I chose the one with smoked salmon, dill crème fraiche, pickled shallots, and watercress. The lefse reminded me of a thick crepe, but I really enjoyed it’s heartiness to be able to keep all the elements inside and be eaten like a burrito. Dill, cream and salmon is one of my favorite combinations, but to add to briny shallots with the bitter, fresh watercress swooned me into submission. I couldn’t believe that this little $4 wrap could pack such a punch of fresh, intoxicating flavors. It was one of the best things I ate in Portland.


katie jo said...

I am excited to read your notes on the trucks. We are planning a trip to Portland for Thanksgiving and will be dedicating at least a day to the food trucks.

hula mommy said...

Hello Celise,
I am working on a trend report for the Center for Culinary Development ( and would like to gain permission from you to use your two images of Portland's Viking Soul Food Truck & Wrap posted on your blog in September 18, 2010.

I'd like to send you more info regarding our report. If you would kindly reply to me at, I'd appreciate it!
Best, Chris