Monday, January 17, 2011


Some how I have let myself get taken over by life, travel, and let's be honest, laziness. Sometimes when you haven't done something in a while, it's easier just to leave it on the back burner. That's what has happened to me and my blogging for the past few months. It's not that I have suddenly become uninspired by food, by no means, I don't think that will ever happen! It's just my inspiration has been stagnant and resting in my brain, waiting for something to light it on fire so it has the chance to boil over. So here is me boiling over. Of course I want to catch y'all up on the things you've missed, but also not make this comeback to overwhelming for me to feel like this is a chore. I have decided to give you what I'm going to call "bytes". Just little blasts of my past 4 months of food life like a shot of tequila to your brain. Don't get too th-wasted. 

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