Monday, January 17, 2011

House Bytes

My roommate's man was visiting from out of town, and he is an amazing chef. He went to cooking school in France, which is apparently more like juvi there than culinary school that people go to here. He has worked as a chef for many years and spoiled us silly while he was here. It makes you realize that amazing food doesn't have to come from a restaurant; with the right ingredients and the right skills, masterpieces can come out of your own tiny kitchen. Gracias Alejandro!!!

Stewed Moroccan chicken with cous cous.

Black and white sesame crusted ahi tuna on mashed potatoes


Alex is from Spain, so he wanted to treat us to a Tapas night. He made gazpacho, oyster mushrooms, meatballs, green beans with shallots, spicy shrimp, and patatas bravas. The meal was intensely divine. There's Chiara, always ready with her fork!!

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