Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying Out Some Cooking Light

In attempt to emerge from the summer indulgence and lack of gym attendance, my roommate Heidi got us a subscription of Cooking Light. Nothin' like a little food porn laying around the house perfect for lounging  around on a Sunday afternoon NOT going to the gym. By the way, is it appropriate to peruse through food magazines at the gym, or is that just torturous to you and others around you? Food for thought (haha, pun intended...). I digress...On one of these lovely lounging afternoons, I found a great little recipe for some Thai Cabbage Cups. The recipe is super quick, easy, tasty, and key word here, LIGHT! The version in the recipe has very few, but punching ingredients, such as beef, sesame oil, onions, cilantro, and a few others that you will find on the link to the recipe. However, I wanted to kick mine up a bit since I have access to my favorite Asian market New May Wah, so I added some king trumpet mushroom, Thai red chili, and Thai basil. I also substituted the beef for lean pork just to slim it down a bit more. These little cuties are topped off with some peanuts and cilantro to make for a nice, light, super flavorful little din-din. Yummy!

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