Sunday, June 17, 2012

Comida di Buteco – Pé Pra Fora

Right now in São Paulo, there is a competition of some of the best botecos around the city. A boteco is a restaurant/bar that usually has petiscos (snacky type food), lanches (sandwiches), and porcões (pieces of meat or cheese), along with regular entrées as well. Here is the website for the competition to check out the options: I found one boteco called Pé Pra Fora in Vila Madelenda.

I went there on a Saturday afternoon, so the bar was slowly filling up with families and friends wanting some good eats and a leisurely beer. Most of these botecos have tables covered by an overhang on the sidewalk in front of the bar so the clientele can enjoy the fresh air, even though this particular Saturday was quite gloomy. Saturday in Brazil is the day that most of the bars serve the national dish, feijoiada, but I was not there for this, I was there for the Delicia de Pé, and a nice, cold cerveija, of course. The dish that this boteco entered in the competition is a petisco made of a small piece of chicken breast slid on a toothpick, covered in flour and creme de leite, and then deep-fried. I’m not sure if we have anything like creme de leite in the US. It is the “cream of milk”, which I guess should be like heavy cream, but it’s thicker. It’s a sumptuous addition to sauces to make them nice and thick and creamy. But in this case, the chicken was drenched in this rich, creamy sauce, then coated in flour and of course, deep-fried. How can you go wrong with that? The chicken was moist and tender, while the coating was crunchy with an intense richness that I’ve never tasted before in a piece of fried chicken. The served these little nuggets with lime wedges, which just enhanced each specific flavor. I found myself fantasizing about eating more Delicia de Pé all afternoon. 

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