Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Breakfast on the Cheap

Here in São Paulo, the food prices range from super cheap to ridiculously expensive. I, being the
cheap-ass that I am, am always out to find a very inexpensive way to eat when I am out and about in the city. One of my favorite ways to eat in the early morning (before 9 AM) is at the "tiazinha" stand. "Tiazinha" means auntie in Portuguese, so it's a very endearing term. These ladies set up their makeshift tables close to metro stations, bus stops, and any bustling walkway for morning commuters. They always have fresh juice (normally orange or guava), coffee, with or without milk, a variety of cakes, and my favorite, pão de queijo.

Pão de queijo can be found at just about any barzinho in Brazil. It means "cheese bread" and is made  with tapioca flour. Tapicoa flour comes from one of Brazil's largest yielding crops, mandioca. Madioca in English is yucca or cassava, and Brazilians eat a heck of a lot of it. When the tapioca flour is cooked, it becomes really gooey and sticky. To make pão de queijo,  you mix this tapioca flour with a special cheese (and a few other ingredients), then roll it into a ball and bake it. I love the stuff!

These "tiazinhas" sell a ton of these every morning. I love getting one with some coffee with milk and a little bottle of fresh juice. The total price for this breakfast of champions is 5 reais, which is less that $2.50. That's what I call breakfast on the cheap!!!

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